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Graphics mod for GTA V

One of the advantages of PC gaming is the wide array of mods and user-created content that you can add to your well-loved games. While not every game is moddable, popular ones often support modding, spawning robust and long-lasting communities. GTA V Redux is a mod for Grand Theft Auto V. Considered the most ambitious GTA mod yet, this free game utility provides a major graphics overhaul to the popular action game. Not only that, but it also reworked some of the game’s features for a better gaming experience.  

GTA V in a new light

As with every Grand Theft Auto title, GTA V has been such a huge success that people will play it no matter what. However, since it supports modding, players can now enjoy it with enhanced features or new content. GTA V Redux provides a major makeover to the game’s visuals. Among the visible changes that players will notice are the simulated global illumination, better tone mapping, improved fog implementation, and reduced lens artifacts. The mod also features chromatic aberration, environmental blur, new motion blur, and even bokeh effects. 

On top of it, this mod also completely rewrote the game’s weather system—providing weather and particle effects, water, and custom time-cycle edits to specific areas of the cityscape. Improved environmental tessellation is also added, as well as volumetric lighting for times of the day. The mod is available with a series of presets. With this, end users can choose which modes they prefer. Moreover, they can easily switch modes if they prefer different settings for different times of the day.

As noted, this graphics mod also features non-visual changes. These include improved weapon recoil, models, weapon distances, and improved melee combat. Players will also get model bullets as projectiles instead of instant-hits, as well as faster rocket fire from vehicles. Instant-kill shots are less likely, though. Also, population levels will now fluctuate differently depending on location and time of the day.

Experience enhanced GTA V

Fans of GTA V are in for a treat with the addition of GTA V Redux to their gameplay. The program will not only provide major changes to the game’s already-stellar visuals but to the overall experience, as well. Note, however, that there will be a framerate drop ranging from 5 - 15 FPS when you use the mod. It is recommended that your hardware should at least run the vanilla game with 10 - 15 FPS to spare.


  • Major visual overhaul
  • Improved melee combat
  • New weather system
  • Additional weaponry features


  • Framerate drop
  • Instant-kill shots will be less likely

GTA V Redux for PC

  • Free
  • In English
  • 3.9
  • (239)
  • Security Status

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